At its July 12 meeting, Ridgway Town Council decided now isn't the best time to discuss a change in speed limit from 20 miles per hour to 15 miles per hour. The stretch of Clinton Street pictured is one of the main areas in town where speeding and disregard for stop signs have been observed.

Plaindealer photo by Dalton Carver

by Dalton Carver With RAMP Up! Ridgway project construction finishing and the Ridgway Marshal’s Office restructuring, town council members agreed now isn’t the time to lower speed limits to 15 miles per hour. Council decided at the July 12 meeting to table... + continue reading

Council member Ellen Hunter (left) and Uncompahgre Watershed Partnership Communications Director Tanya Ishikawa hold up a mural created during the 2017 Riverfest celebrating its tenth year. The mural was presented at the July 12 council meeting, which also featured a final approval to the animal ordinance discussion.

Plaindealer photo by Dalton Carver

by Dalton Carver After almost a year of discussion, formation of a community group and a failed introduction of an ordinance, Ridgway Town Council adopted an amendment to the animal ordinance at the July 12 council meeting, and it will go into effect in fewer than 30... + continue reading

With the approval of the new marijuana ordinance, marijuana cultivators could be using fewer indoor operations and placing their focus on outdoor grows.

Plaindealer photo by Dalton Carver

by Dalton Carver Several changes to the methods for growing marijuana in Ouray County are on the way, after a Board of County Commissioners approval of a revised marijuana ordinance the afternoon of July 11 at the Ouray Community Center. The draft includes provisions... + continue reading

Fairway Pines resident Barry Zane and Divide Ranch and Club (pictured above) recently offered a donation of 325,000 gallons of water over a three-year period to Ouray County for use on county road maintenance and dust control.

Courtesy photo

by Dalton Carver If all goes according to plan, Ouray County will soon have a new water source for road maintenance, courtesy of Fairway Pines resident Barry Zane and Divide Ranch and Club in Ridgway. Zane and representatives from the club on Log Hill recently... + continue reading

A rock slide covered the shelf road on County Road 18 about a mile and a half east of US 550. An assessment by DOWL, an environmental services consulting firm in Montrose, determined that the rock above the slide was so loose that it would threaten the safety of crews working to clear the road unless scaling was done beforehand.

Courtesy photo

By Mary Menz A rock slide that closed a portion of Engineer Pass was cleared and the road officially opened the the first weekend in July. A scaling effort was required uphill from the slide and took three days to complete, after which Ouray road and bridge employees... + continue reading

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by Alan Todd

Ouray city officials and the city's leadership team gathered Tuesday in a work session to discuss the initial steps in the process of hiring a new city administrator.
On the table was a... + continue reading


Ouray City Administrator Patrick Rondinelli submitted his resignation at Monday's city council meeting. After 13 years serving the city in his current position, Rondinelli announced he has accepted a position with the Colorado Department of Local Affairs southwest office. Rondinelli will work... + continue reading

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I am writing to follow up on comments I made at the Ouray City Council meeting on Monday, May 15, 2017 regarding language in the Planning Commission’s recommendation and draft ordinance that... + continue reading