Bark beetles continue their campaign on trees in Colorado. In some areas, it looked as if infestations may slow down, but last summer's severe drought may change that.

Photo courtesy of the United States Forest Service

by Dalton Carver Over the past several years, Colorado has been held hostage by a force of nature that seems insatiable. It numbers in the hundreds of thousands, flies and has an unquenchable taste for some of Colorado’s most beautiful residents – trees.... + continue reading

A CDOT snowplow clears US 550 of snow last week following scheduled avalanche mitigation. More snow than anticipated accompanied the knockdowns, extending the road's closure for the entire day.

Photo courtesy of CDOT

by Dalton Carver Colorado Department of Transportation is known for handling road construction and improvement on public highways throughout the state, but some of their employees are also trained in a skill not many study up on – explosives and triggering... + continue reading

The Western scrub jay's name is now Woodhouse's scrub jay.

Photo courtesy of Sue Hirshman

by Sue Hirshman with Kent Nelson Every turn out-of-doors becomes   full of delight and surprises      about birds.    —Birds in the Bush January turned out with bitter cold temperatures and lots of snow for Ouray County. The snow was welcomed... + continue reading

Ben Tisdel, county commissioner, addresses elements of the most recent version of the marijuana regulations ordinance, making his thoughts known to Planning Director Mark Castrodale. The ordinance has been under revision for several months but may be ready for another reading this month.

Plaindealer photo by Dalton Carver

by Dalton Carver In the wake of substantial opposition to a marijuana cultivation facility’s relocation to the Log Hill area, Ouray County land use staff is still making tweaks to the county’s marijuana ordinance. The most recent proposed draft of an... + continue reading

A significant upgrade to the Ridgway Area Chamber of Commerce's visitor center is in the works after the organization received a $15,000 grant from the Colorado Tourism Office. The funding will be used to create a strategic plan for the space, which will allow the center to operate without the need of volunteers present.

Plaindealer photo by Dalton Carver

by Dalton Carver Joining other elements of Ridgway that have recently been upgraded, the visitor’s center at the entrance to town is also poised for renovation. Thanks to a $15,000 grant from the Colorado Tourism Office, the Ridgway Area Chamber of Commerce plans... + continue reading

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by Carolina King

Rumors that seem to circulate from time to time about Ouray Silver Mines going into production and hiring a massive amount of new employees look to be materializing in... + continue reading


by Carolina King

Five owners of property on the upper portion of County Road 5 have requested to become part of Ridgway Fire Protection District. The district board convened a hearing... + continue reading

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Who's to blame next? No telling. In fact, we don't know who's to blame now, though there are plenty of folks in Ouray looking for answers after the city council unanimously voted to... + continue reading