Proposed road tax generates plenty of questions Dear Editor, I am Sam Ewing, disgruntled Ouray County taxpayer. After attending regular commissioner meetings, call to the public, and voicing County Road

More reasons to oppose Twin Peaks expansion

Dear Editor, Infrastructure and city finances needed more vetting by the Ouray Planning Commission. The vetting is now up to City Council to consider sewer plant replacement or update, water

Keep your pets safe from predators in Ouray

Dear Editor, It appears that a fox has decided Ouray is his/her new hunting ground and cats seem to be the preferred target. I have lived in this area for

Correct choices made with ex-undersheriff

Dear Editor, This letter is in regards to the recent articles in the area newspapers, as well as all the posts and blogs in the social media in reference to

County needs to be more transparent

Dear Editor, As an individual who lives in Ouray County, I rely on law enforcement to ensure a safe community for residents and visitors. I am appalled to read in

Many reasons to oppose Twin Peaks expansion

Dear Editor, We oppose the planned PUD with the Twin Peaks Hotel. We all live and/or work in Ouray, and most of us have been here for many years or

Government not the solution for housing

Government not the solution for housing Dear Editor, There is no housing “problem” for the governments of Ouray/Ridgway or Ouray County to “fix” (other than reducing taxes and regulations for

Treatment of migrants at the border is un-American

Dear Editor, The results of conditions of migrants at our southern border were released by the Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security in May. The report revealed rampant

Thanks for dog assistance

Dear Editor: Thank you for putting the “Don’t Hurt Dogs” article in the paper a few weeks ago. It is an honor to be in the paper. Since we were

Forgoing Realtors not the solution to affordable housing problem

Dear Editor, As the professional association representing Montrose, Ouray and Ridgway Realtors, we were dismayed to read Tim Menger’s recent letter to the editor. He’s absolutely right that affordable housing