Shame on Ouray County for greediness with tax measure Dear Editor, Shame. About three years plus of volunteer effort by Mssrs. Jupille and Beckhardt provided the county with a detailed

There’s a more equitable way to fund roads

Dear Editor, Please vote no on the upcoming Road and Bridge massive tax increase ballot measure even if you agree additional funding is needed. There are better ways to raise

In roads funding debate, less is more

Dear Editor, There is one assumption concerning the funding for Ouray County roads that has not been adequately discussed: What does “improvement” mean? Generally, “improvement” means more money for smoother

Baskfield for board

Dear Editor: The old African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child,” is certainly true when it comes to the Ridgway school community. Parents, school administrators, educators, staff

Vann’s insight, energy best for school board

Dear Editor, I am writing in support of the candidacy of Aimee Vann for the upcoming position on the Ouray School Board. As the mother of five children, all of

For pennies a day, we can have better roads

Dear Editor, I am writing as a concerned citizen whose goal is to further inform residents about the upcoming County Ballot Referendum 1A, a measure to generate additional funding for

Politicians must act on climate change

Despite overwhelming evidence from climate scientists, our president and the leaders of the Republican Party are “climate deniers.” They deny climate warming is occurring largely as a result of the

New trash cans proving to be bear of a burden

Dear Editor, In Ouray we have new garbage cans. I heard that some had been ordered but had to be returned. I do not know the reason. But we received