Letter: It's time to fund county roads, support 1A


Dear Editor:

The nearly 300 miles of roads located within both the unincorporated and incorporated territory of Ouray County are a small but essential transportation network that serves not only the local citizens, but the entire region. They link the rural communities of the southwest, bringing essential goods and services from around the world otherwise unavailable to the region. They allow commerce to occur and are the underlying basis for most of the income generated in the county.

We all rely on these roads. The unfortunate reality is that the railroad is gone and alternative modes of transportation cannot meet the demands our society creates. Simply put, without our roads, most residents in Ouray County would not last.

Our roads are in a continual state of disrepair and the cost to adequately maintain them, cannot be met through present revenue sources. Ouray County Referendum 1A provides additional funding to fix these roads over time and includes additional revenues to the municipalities estimated over $92,500 in the first year alone. Vote YES on Referendum 1A.

John E. Peters

Ouray County

Editor's note: John Peters is a county commissioner but submitted this letter as a private individual and from his personal email address.