Defense bill should include CORE Act

Dear Editor: Last month, the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economic (CORE) Act passed the U.S. House of Representatives as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Does Ridgway care?

Dear Editor: “Here’s a dime, call somebody who cares!” Is this the new motto for Ridgway? Last Thursday we went into the Conoco station and found the two people behind the counter to be mask-less. We asked them to mask, and they said, “We don’t have to!” As we left, they said, “Be safe out there,” and they got a good laugh out of that.

Lasting change comes from peacemakers, not rioters

Dear Editor: I feel a special closeness to “superhero” John Lewis because of similar age and very different but interrelated careers. We know a lot now about his outstanding fight for civil Rights and I’ll try to show how my police, sheriff and public safety career paralleled and interconnected with his by more than just time frame and why now really can be a history changing time — long overdue.

A senseless comparison

Dear Editor: I would like to offer the following statement in response to Steven Scheu’s (”Our freedoms are waning”) disturbing analogy: The Taliban lashed women (and threw acid on them) for not covering their faces as an act of violence and control based upon principles of misogyny, male-supremacy, and patriarchy. Public health professionals, doctors, and elected officials have ordered all people to cover their faces in order to promote public health based upon principles of epidemiology, public health policy and infection disease data.

A debt of thanks for town’s beauty

Dear Editor: On behalf of the Ridgway Parks Committee, the Town of Ridgway and all the residents and visitors who have benefitted from the enjoyment of the amazing flowers in the boxes near the town sign in Hartwell Park (and in other areas over the past several years), we wish to send a huge and heartfelt thank you to Vicci and Charlie Spencer — the folks you see planting the boxes, watering, and tirelessly caring for the flowers each year. They have been incredible volunteers and the town literally would not have been as beautiful without their tender, loving care.

Be empathetic, compassionate

Dear Editor: Wow! We are certainly living through historic times. These past few months have not only taught me a lot about myself and how I deal with stress and sadness but also about the people that I get to share these times with.

Our freedoms are waning

Dear Editor: I see a similarity, do you? In zooz, the Taliban tore down statues and destroyed monuments; women were lashed for not covering their faces. Nov in zozo, people are tearing down statues and destroyed monuments; you can be fined $5,000 for not covering your face.

Stop with the anti-mask bullying

Dear Editor: To all the graying, older, white guys seeking to enlighten women and children working minimum wage jobs in retail stores about mask wearing: Stop the cowardly bullying. Right now.

Prior chants raise questions about BLM

Dear Editor: The most significant men in my life have all had honor able careers in the military or law enforcement. They spent years keeping America and our communities free and as safe as possible.