Grounds for startup success: New coffee spot aims to offer a friendly space - and a great cup of Joe

  • Mojos Coffee owners Heather Toth and Andrew Hart opened their shop in Ouray across from City Hall.
    Mojos Coffee owners Heather Toth and Andrew Hart opened their shop in Ouray across from City Hall.

Ouray’s earliest risers can now get their caffeine fix in a homey, cozy environment while taking in gorgeous views of Ouray’s landscape and architecture.

Mojo’s Coffee, Chai and Teas debuted last week at 325 Sixth Ave. The owners hope to serve anyone looking for the earliest, tastiest cup of joe in Ouray.

When Heather Toth and Andrew Hart found out the space was coming up for rent, they knew they were ready to follow their dream and fix the lack of pre-dawn coffee options in Ouray.

“We wanted to take into consideration the needs of the town and also our skill level and what we are capable of providing. I have worked in hospitality for such a long time and know how to make a really good latte and pull a really good shot,” Toth said.

This isn’t Toth’s first rodeo at owning a business. She also owns a cleaning company called Ridgway Greeners.

Hart also has a background in hospitality and has been using his other skills getting everything in the space wired and ready to go. He said he has strived to balance business costs with “what you can provide people so that they feel a value and you can stay in business.”

Mojo’s is named after Toth’s daughter, Morgan Joan, who has been honing her barista skills and is ready to help in the shop.

The space, which was most recently a yoga studio, was originally a bar with a brothel in the upstairs apartment during Ouray’s mining days. The furniture in the well-organized small space is an eclectic mix of repurposed material, from the vintage couch and check-out stand to the bar made of reclaimed barnwood. The high ceilings feature stunning Turkish lights.

The baristas will make coffee drinks with a recently refurbished 30-year-old Italian espresso machine.

Toth said it’s not just about the coffee — it’s also about providing a space for people to relax and connect.

“We really want to be a local spot that’s cool for tourists to go to, but anybody can come here and get a great cup of coffee and a really good snack, and it will be warm and cozy,” Toth said. “There is something about coffee that people have an emotional connection with.”

“We want to make a community-friendly space where people can come together whether they are like-minded or have different views and feel safe to talk and enjoy a quick bite and a delicious drink.” Hart said.

Though certainly coffee-focused, Mojo’s will have breakfast items and baked goods, such as toast and bagels with a variety of toppings, oatmeal, muffins and croissants.

The owners also plan on selling quality coffee you can take home and make yourself.

“Although we’re rotating through different roasters, we’re talking to the roasters about the beans and trying them ahead of time, so that we can bring a sampling of really high-end drip grind that you can take home and make espresso drinks,” Hart said.

A mug club will give locals a chance to buy into the success of the shop with their own mugs. For a yearly flat rate, customers get a mug, sticker, brews for a dollar if they use their mug and discounts on lattes and merchandise. Mug club members will also enjoy half-off prices one day a week.

The shop is currently open every day except Tuesday. In the summer they plan on being open seven days a week, starting at 6 a.m.

Contact Mojo’s at 970-325-3131 or at