Rancher: Reintroduction plan ‘not fair’ to wolves

Opponents of a plan to reintroduce gray wolves to western Colorado say they need to carefully craft a message to voters built on the belief that the plan is actually a threat to the wolves themselves and ignores long-standing scientific research.

City leader to run for sheriff

Ouray City Administrator Justin Perry will resign his post next month to run for Ouray County sheriff, giving voters a peek at a potential replacement should they recall Lance FitzGerald and forcing city councilors to once again go hunting for a new leader.

Citizen science in action: Locals monitor rosy-finch

When Elk Meadows resident Rebecca Kindred first noticed rosy-finches visiting her feeders in the winter in 2016, she was intrigued. She had been a bird-watcher for years, but these were life birds for her, a term used by birders for the first time they’ve spotted a species in their own lifetimes.

Ridgway verifies 3 for races

Three candidates for Ridgway Town Council seats have had their petitions verified by the town clerk and are officially running for office.