50 YEARS AGO February 25, 1971 - Mary Tell Ficco was born in Romeno, Austria June 12, 1894. She arrived in the United States at the age of 19, and came to Ouray, Colorado soon after She married Tom Fellin in Ouray about three years later To this union was born a son Tom and a daughter Vera.

I stand with the flag

Dear Editor: In his letter to the editor in the Feb. 11-17 edition, Mike Cassidy asks “Which cause do you stand for?” referring to “an enormous American flag just south of Ridgway.” I stand with that flag and the man who planted it.

Ouray noise ordinance should target vehicles

Dear Editor: I read recently that the town of Ouray is “recalibrating the noise ordinance.” I would like to suggest that, in addition looking into loud music from different restaurants and other businesses, they also please consider an ordinance prohibiting the deafening noise from the motorcycles (particularly Harleys), loud truck and car pipes, and the unnecessary overuse of Jake brakes from the commercial vehicles. Most people (tourists) and residents come here to enjoy the quiet of being in the mountains.

Rio Grande RR didn’t branch into Ouray

Dear Editor: Carolyn Snowbarger’s column about railroading in Ridgway, published in the Feb. u-17 Plaindealer, is interesting about local history, although I must disagree with one statement.

Northern Harrier a different kind of hawk

Watching a hawk is refreshing and needful to the Human Spirit. — “World of Birds” The Northern Harrier is a magnificent hawk, so different from other hawks in everything from its overall shape to its unique facial expressions.


50 YEARS AGO February 18, 1971 - Student Editorial from “The Voice of Troy” - Prejudice is a dangerous disease which is afflicting America today. It seems that the majority or dominant group do not suffer from abusive characterization.

Something’s fishy about that ‘wrong’ turn

Josh White manages a ranch locally. He has a blue heeler named Josie. She’s not your typical heeler. Most blue heelers would pick a fight with a chainsaw, but Josie is a sweetheart. Josh and Josie are inseparable. Whenever you see Josh, Josie is almost always with him. Anytime he leaves the ranch, Josie is riding shotgun.

How does ‘right to live’ fit into abortion agenda?

Dear Editor: In reference to the recent flag letter, I feel as an American citizen you may view the “enormous American flag” any way you want to. Narrowing it down to two choices as mentioned in the last paragraph leaves me wondering how the “right to simply live” fits into our country’s abortion agenda? Jane Haefner Ridgway.