Woman's Club sale a success due to many

Dear Editor,

As the Woman’s Club of Ouray County’s Annual Rummage Sale closed its doors on Saturday afternoon, June 21, every member and attendee knew that this year’s sale represented a very special happening. Not only did this event mark the greatest number of attendees in many years, but it also earned the third highest amount of income in the history of our WCOC Rummage Sales. All these profits will be returned to Ouray County non-profit organizations through the grant process in late September 2014. Even more importantly, a new phenomenon was present — “random acts of kindness.”
Random acts of kindness are those little sweet, grand, lovely things that we do for NO reason except that momentarily, the very best of humanity springs into full bloom; these acts were evident all four days of the WCOC sale. For example, 25+ strong men and teenagers with trucks, trailers, cars, dollies, strong backs and gloves appeared early on Wednesday morning and spent two entire days hauling the thousands of generous donations from Ouray County citizens into the Community Center. Many gentlemen traversed the entire county retrieving “pick-ups” from selfless citizens. On Saturday, these same men returned with their vehicles to help return “leftovers” to our storage garage and to help the generous Second Chance Humane Society remove remaining donations. Think about the sister who stepped in for her own beloved sister to help “coordinate the sale” while her sister provided support for her ailing husband; what about the husband who worked all four days for his WCOC member wife who was too ill to attend; what about the department heads who directed their workers and had their departments organized and functional in record time this year?  What about WCOC members who worked extra shifts to cover for ailing members; how about those incredible women from the community who brought pies/cookies/sandwiches for the workers to eat; what about the city crew who found every possible table and rack for the WCOC members to use and who kept the Community Center clean during the entire event? What about those sincere, smiling women who greeted all attendees and encouraged them in their search for treasures; how about those members who took half a day to visit all those sick members in hospitals, nursing homes and personal homes just so they could feel a part of the action? What about the new members in our communities who came and helped all four days just to become a part of the “Ouray County philanthropic” experience? Yes, random acts of kindness abounded EVERYWHERE — each and every day of the WCOC Rummage Sale.
With so very many people stepping outside the arena of “normal” circumstances and stepping into the realm of responsible good deeds during this Rummage Sale, all the officers and members of the Woman’s Club of Ouray County genuinely thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Vivian Ferguson, Donna Hudson and Lou Goff — WCOC Co-Presidents and all WCOC members