Wildfire regulation discussion moves to PUDs

by Carolina King

Ouray County Planning Commission was able to use the bulk of its meeting time on Tuesday, Feb. 19 to start discussing the next topic on their schedule, wildfire mitigation in planned unit developments (PUDs). The goal of PUD regulations would be to ensure that communities are built to coexist within fire-prone ecosystems.
The commission discussed road standards and how the ideal would be to have two access routes into a subdivision so that in the event of a fire, there would be an alternate route out, but topography as well and land ownership issues could make that impossible in some areas of the county.
The group in attendance agreed that if there is not an alternate route out of a subdivision, then the road should be a certain width to allow for two-way vehicle traffic for fire emergency vehicles to enter and exit simultaneously.
Jamie Gomez of West Region Wildfire Council said the county road standard is “a high standard” and a county road “would be good to go” in terms of width requirements.
All members present agreed there should not be a point system with PUDs, only mandatory elements or a choice among options, such as between having an alternate route or a sufficiently wide road.
They also agreed they did not have to...

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