Why retain Mark Garcia?

Dear Editor,
Unfortunately, I missed my opportunity to speak at the city council meeting last week. If I had, I would have voiced my concern and disapproval of the PSA with Mark Garcia Proposal. I looked at the information provided in Exhibit A on the agenda and I feel like the City is paying a middle man whose work could and should be done by the employees of Ouray.
It appears that we will pay Mark to determine costs, get bids, contract out, create timelines and complete punch lists. I believe this work falls under the purview of the Public Works Dept., the Facilities Director and the Building Dept. Additionally, I would seriously think twice about hiring anyone or any company that was affiliated with the construction of the pool; the pool cost was almost twice as much as initially shared with the public.
If we hired Mark as our owner’s rep for the pool in the hopes that he would use his mechanical engineering degree to assist, we were sorely mistaken, it seems to me that any layman could have figured out that a pool practically twice the size couldn't possibly use the existing hot water coming in to heat it. I for one am against paying someone from Pagosa Springs to drive to Ouray at an hourly rate of $70, travel costs and any additional incurred costs, to do the work that the City employees could and should be doing.
If the City council wants help, they should form a citizen's pool advisory group to figure out what is happening at the pool; there have been many interested citizens at the City Council meeting the past several months. There also seems to be a lot of misinformation given to the public about pool temperatures, plans, etc. It's time for the City of Ouray to take care of the City of Ouray, and stop throwing away money.
Jen Donovan