Why is the Pledge an issue?

Dear Editor,
Why is reciting the Pledge of Allegiance before a City Council meeting even an issue? It is very disappointing to read that a Councilperson said, “This is not some- thing I agreed to when I signed on to be a Council member.” As part of your oath of office, didn’t you affirm your support for the Constitution of the United States? Did you not mean it? You accept all of the ben- efits of living in a free society and yet you are “morally against” pledging allegiance to the country you live in? Is there anoth- er country you would rather support?
The Council should recite the Pledge before every meeting, and those members of the Council and any members of the City staff or the audience that choose not to recite the words don’t have to. That is one of the benefits of living in a free soci- ety. But those Council members that don’t want to pledge their allegiance should not prevent the rest of the citizens that are present from choosing to pledge their alle- giance to the flag that is right behind the Council table, and stands for representa- tive democracy.

J Gary Dunn, Ouray