Which is it?

Dear Editor,

For about a month I have heard the Hub-Bub about second chance. As a donor
of many clothes, much furniture and attendee of their fundraisers, I want to
know the truth.

1. Ms. Kelly Goodin has stated and she has been quoted in the paper as
saying that the City of Ouray is the only entity (San Miguel, Telluride,
Ridgway and Ouray County) that does not have a contract with Second Chance
and that Second Chance will not change the agreement just for the City of
Ouray. However in this week’s article the Plaindealer writes that the only
agreement that Second Chance has is with Ouray County.  Which is it?

2. Ms. Goodin and Ms. Elizabeth Kirwin are both quoted as saying that the
City owes $10,400 in back invoices to Second Chance. However in your article
this week you quoted Ms. Goodin as saying “I have made it clear from the
beginning with the city, Second Chance absorbed the unpaid debt each year so
we could continue to move things in a forward direction.” Either you have
made it clear you have absorbed the debt or the City owes money. It can’t
be both. Which is it?

3. Ms. Goodin has been quoted as saying that all other entities pay their
full bill for services rendered and they pay for services. However, your
article implies other entities have stated that no one has paid the full
amount Second Chance has billed because they have ALL seen it as a
contribution. Which is it?

4. Ms. Goodin has been quoted in the paper, “I don’t care if the entities
see it as a bill or a contribution.” However, when the city viewed it as a
contribution, Ms. Goodin cut off services not only to the City of Ouray
government but to any citizen who lives in the city limits of Ouray. Including this FORMER donor to Second Chance. Contribution or payment for
services? Which is it?

5. Ms. Goodin herself has made a huge stink about how the City does not have
a contract or agreement with Second Chance and has never had. However,
Second Chance also states that the City “owes” for services. You can’t
bill someone for service that you have never agreed upon. Agreement or not?
Which is it?

6. Second Chance claims to be a non-profit organization who runs off citizen
donations. However, when the City of Ouray did not make a large enough
"Contribution (as Ms. Goodin said would be fine with her)" not only did
Second Chance stop taking animals from the City Government (Police). They
cut off all services to the citizens of Ouray (their donors). When a citizen
took an animal to the shelter, the shelter staff asked the citizen to take
the dog to Patrick Rondinelli's office. Are you a non-profit organization or
a taxpayer run organization? Which is it?

It seems to me that Second Chance, who has done a great service by the way,
has gone out, done a service that was never agreed upon and charged the city
whatever they wanted to. I cannot decide that your car tires need replaced
because it is a safety hazard; then change the tires on your car with no
agreement and then charge you whatever I feel like. Why does Second Chance
feel like they can do the same concept to citizens of Ouray, Ridgway, San
Miguel and Telluride? Second Chance is supposed to be a non-profit
organization, not an organization that should be allowed to charge taxpayers
whatever they want with nothing agreed upon.

One piece that is missing is that Ouray City Council has been repeatedly
asking for accountability. When a citizen or tourist drops off an animal to
Second Chance, they charge the city, town or county that the animal was
picked up from. City Council has asked (in an effort to be transparent to
taxpayers) for their invoice to state where each animal was found. Second
Chance to date has refused to share this information with the City. To this
old lady (especially seeing all the discrepancies above), something is very
fishy in their billing. If you are able to bill a city based on where the
dog/cat is found, you should be able to tell the city where the dog/cat is

My annual donations through clothes, furniture, goods and fundraisers are
more than what the City of Ouray “owes.” However, they did not just cut
off services to the City Government; they cut off services to their donors
(citizens of Ouray). If your recent articles are true and I have every
reason to believe they are through fact checking, they have lost my annual
donation. Please let the City of Ouray know that anytime they need an animal
hauled to Montrose shelter, I will take my donations to Salvation Army while
dropping off the stray.

Betty Livingston