Water supply low as residents asked to conserve

by Alan Todd

Water, or lack thereof, was the key concern at Monday's Ouray City Council meeting, as residents are being asked to take steps to conserve. The Weehawken Spring, Ouray's source for the city water supply, historically is a low-producer this time of year, and the low output is exacerbated due to last year's dry conditions.
Mayor Pam Larson read a list of conservation steps residents should take, while saying conditions will improve.
"We've got snow everywhere, but it's not penetrating down to that spring level," Larson said. "It should be better as we go along."
The city is asking residents to:
• minimize the drip in their houses used to prevent pipes from freezing;
• turn off the water while brushing teeth;
• cut showers short;
• run dishwashers and washing machines only when full; and,
• don't flush the toilet every time, if possible.
Interim City Administrator Justin Perry told the Plaindealer water demand is...\

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