Thankful for a community that supports education

Dear Editor,
On the night of Nov. 7 I was handed the election results. Snow was falling as I ran through the streets thanking the citizens of Ouray for passing the Mill Levy Override (MLO). My “Jimmy Stewart moment” was met with relief and exhilaration as I felt the overwhelming support from the community for our school and the work we have been doing. Ouray passed its MLO with a 61 percent “YES” vote. From the data that I have seen, this is the largest school MLO margin of any community in the state.
After the celebration and the relief receded, I realized that the work is just beginning for all of us in the District to most effectively and responsibly live up to the community’s vote of confidence, devoting these resources to the needs of our students.
I, along with the staff and new school board, will continue to work to bring our whole community together in support of our students. This is your community’s school, and we are eager to welcome your collaboration, your ideas, your input.
What am I most thankful for? I am thankful that I woke up on Nov. 8 knowing that I live in a community that values public education and the future of our children.
Scott Pankow                        
Ouray School District Superintendent