Support for courthouse renovation

Dear Editor,
I would like to thank the citizens of Ouray County who approved the ballot issue providing for the financing for the renovations to the Ouray County Courthouse. You voted in good faith in the ability of Ouray County and its administrators and employees to oversee this incredibly complex project and as a member of the committee which promoted this positive vote and as one who continues to participate in the updates and community outreach I can tell you with complete confidence that this complex project is in extremely capable hands.
As I listen to the various department heads, other employees, the architect, the consultant and other key players I am incredibly impressed with their insight, foresight and attention to detail. It's amazing to me how many moving parts there are to this project. The staff has been very cooperative and conscientious regarding the needs of the moves and all remain very positive and willing to do what is necessary to making a smooth transition.
I had no idea all that would be involved in this project but it is clear to me that all concerned have been diligent and thoughtful around this complex yet very exciting project. The update meetings are open to the public and I would encourage you to attend and see this amazing team in action. We, as a county, have much to be in awe of and little to be concerned about... “they're on it!!!”
Jen Parker