Soulful band will rock the park

by Tori Sheets

Thursday's headliner for Mountain Air Music Series packs a soulful punch. Founded in Portland, Oregon, Dirty Revival is a group of seven artists whose sounds focus on funk, rock and soul.
Singer Sarah Clarke leads the band with her resounding vocals.
"It's really a unique, funky, soulful rock sound," she said. "Based off the reaction of people when we play I think we create a fun atmosphere for people."
This is the band's second trip to Colorado and their first time in Ouray. Ouray is the third stop on the group's tour of the West after their release of the self-titled album "Dirty Revival" in September 2015.  
Clarke said she is excited to play in the natural amphitheater Ouray provides.
"Nature really helps amplify the noise and it's really interesting and always very lovely," she said.
Dirty Revival will return to Colorado Aug. 5-7 for the ARISE Music Festival in Loveland, so fans will get another chance to see the band perform live.
"If they like what they hear in Ouray they should come on down to Loveland," Clarke said.
The band Bicycle Annie featuring Gonzales will open the show. The band comes from Grand Junction and covers alternative songs from Jefferson Airplane to Nirvana.
Gonzales was an independent musician living in Los Angeles for 15 years before she moved back to Grand Junction to rekindle with family. She met up with the group Bicycle Annie and they took her in as one of their own.
Gonzales and AK, the lead singer of Bicycle Annie, write original songs that the group will also perform.
This is the group's first time to perform in Ouray, and Gonzales said they love to put on high energy shows and get the crowd involved with the music.
"We love to give all we've got and have the crowd reciprocate," she said. "We really encourage people to have a good time, kind of be free and lose your mind for a little while, we support that."
She said she will be bringing a five foot hula hoop along with smaller hoops for the crowd to enjoy. You can catch the group again during CRUISE-A-THONg in Glenwood Springs on July 23.
After music in the park ends Bicycle Annie featuring Gonzales will continue the fun at O’Brien's Pub.
Music begins in Fellin Park at 6 p.m. on Thursday. Pets on leashes and kids are always welcome.