Senior citizens at the pool do not matter

Dear Editor,
This is the second letter I have written on this matter. The first letter I  wrote was on the Hot Springs Pool and Fitness Center web site. I have not received a response so I definitely feel that SENIOR CITIZEN LIVES DO NOT MATTER. Why? When the pool reopened after the Labor Day closing the open hours were advertised as 12:00 noon to 9:00 p.m. Tuesday – Friday and 11:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. (No difference from before the closure last year except the pool is closed on Monday.)
The only difference this year is there is no time set aside for Water Aerobics. (Statement on the pool door was Aerobics is temporary cancelled.) When I wrote on the web site I stated I was concerned about no aerobics because my 89-year-old mother used the aerobics in the water as her only exercise and has participated in JOAN’s Polar BEARS since 1987. I was at the point of calling the Montrose Rec. to sign up for their classes. But then I thought, ‘Ouray Pool is  definitely better than Montrose pool, water is better, it is outdoors and access to sunlight is good during exercise’. I continued my letter with some optional thoughts for the pool management so Ouray Pool could have aerobics:
1.    Open the pool to the public at 11:00 instead of 12:00 and close at 8:00 instead of 9:00. (There probably are not many people who enter the pool at 12:00 or at 11:00 but the aerobic participants could enter at 11:00, begin their classes at 11:15, and be ready to leave by 12:00. (This would only require one lifeguard.) If the pool management does not want the aerobics to use their PA system the Polar Bears as well as the Ice Cubes have their own CD players. The pool has an electrical power supply probably every 10 feet along every wall which are not used at any time. The only thing the guard would have to do is tell us where we need to be in the pool. This would also solve the problem of the people who would rather socialize in the hot water rather than exercise their body. If anyone enters the pool who are not part of the aerobics, they have the option to join the class because it would not be a MEMBER ONLY CLASS.
2.    I read somewhere (I don’t know where) that the pool only has five guards. What is the possibility of offering a lifeguard training class in conjunction with the school (possibly a physical education credit for those students who do not participate in volleyball, basketball or track). These students could become lifeguards after school from 4:00-8:00 and still get home in time to do homework for the next day.
3.    The above items might be something to think about. The only drawback to this proposal is THAT THE  OURAY COMMUNITY POOL DOES NOT THINK THAT SENIOR CITIZEN OR SUPER SENIORS (age 75+) LIVES MATTER.
4.    It is a shame that  Joan Fedel is in heaven now to let all her hard work in the Ouray Hot Springs Pool  go to waste. JUST SAYING.
My letter on the web site was ignored maybe people who read the Plaindealer might feel the same as I do: SENIOR CITIZENS AND SUPER SENIOR LIVES DO MATTER.
Thanks for listening,      
Irene Mattivi,