Robert Green

Robert Green
d. January 19, 2019

Robert (Bob) Green, 89, passed away in Grand Junction, Colorado on January 19, 2019. Bob lived in Ridgway for 9 years, and before that, in Log Hill Village. Prior to Ridgway, Bob lived in Mesa, Arizona where he practiced radiology and, with his wife Donna, raised 3 children. Bob lived a very active life, embracing outdoor adventures and international travel with endless energy and enthusiasm. He also enjoyed tinkering and creating and cultivated many interests including photography, stained glass, wood carving and ceramics.
Surpassing all other pursuits was Bob’s passion for exploring the natural landscape and he liked nothing more than to explore a scenic mountain trail or winding desert backroad with his family, dog and friends. Bob and Donna roamed far and wide in a variety of RVs in search of nature, recreation, regional history (and, of course, a local coffee shop.) The western landscape of mountains, canyons and deserts was Bob’s playground and his sanctuary. His passion for wide open spaces led Bob into the role of tireless advocate for the undisturbed landscapes he so treasured, and he spent many hours writing letters, attending meetings and speaking out to protect the natural environment.
The years Bob spent in Ridgway enriched his life in many ways and he was so grateful to call this amazing town his home. Ridgway held a special place in Bob’s heart, not only because of the gorgeous mountain landscape but also because of the friendly, lively and passionate community of individuals who have worked to create the living tapestry of a very special place.
Bob is survived by his wife Donna and children Vance, Laura and Eric and granddaughters Cassidy and Sierra. The family will honor Bob’s life in a private celebration Memorial Day weekend in the canyon country of southeast Utah.