Red Mountain Pass remains closed through Tuesday

From CDOT at 2:40 p.m. on Tuesday, March 5:

US Highway 550 Red Mountain Pass will remain closed until further notice. The pass will stay closed overnight and it is not known yet when the pass will open. Avalanche mitigation teams and maintenance crews have triggered and continue to trigger an unprecedented amount of snow from several avalanche paths that are now covering the roadway. The triggered snow slides, 10 to 30 ft. deep in some areas, include an extensive amount of debris including limbs and trees. Extra equipment is needed and has been called in from others areas to assist with clearing the highway. Additional mitigation is planned for Red Mountain Pass tomorrow, Wednesday, March 6. Regional Transportation Director Mike McVaugh stated, “This extended closure has been implemented to ensure the safety of the traveling public. It’s our desire to get all paths mitigated and safe prior to the next round of winter weather that begins as early as tonight.” McVaugh added, “We have had several incidents of natural slides across the state, along the I-70 mountain corridor and here in southwest Colorado. We take proactive measures to close the passes in order to trigger avalanche paths in a safe controlled environment with no vehicles on the highway.”