To preserve beauty

Dear Editor,

The Visual Impacts Revision: Is it really over? Where to start so I don’t lose you? The VI revisions came on the heels of the Section 30 explosion, a proposed new section to the code that would have given protection to the Alpine Zone. It failed as the vocal opponents insisted that they did not want any regulation to that area of the county that wasn’t across the board, the same things that the rest of the county had. An attempt to honor that request, not to use zoning regulations, but to create a one size fits all land use tool, began.  
That attempt, “…to preserve the scenic beauty, rural setting, character, and the dominating influence of the natural environment…”, was going to be Section 9. Visual Impacts, Section 9, was brought out of the closet and dusted off. Commissioners Albritton, Meinert and Padgett sent this section of the code to the planning commission with specific instructions as to what was intended/desired. Since that time various planning commissions and different county commissioner boards have followed this process.
Fast forward: Today’s BOCC took the reins. To their credit, our current BOCC decided to get this done. Very commendable. Like most things, the devil is in the details. Unfortunately, getting the job done has gotten in the way of getting it right. The new Section 9 Draft is unfinished, weak and ineffective in its present form. Somehow the original goals of making it less subjective and easier to administer while protecting more of the county, have been cast aside…. for what? Just getting it off the list of things that need to be done?
I don’t think so. Please become informed, come to the public hearing, and voice your opinion.
Thank you.

Tom McKenney
Ouray County