Obstacles will reduce speed


Dear Editor,

After living on a county road for 24 years the only effective remedy for speeding is quite simple. People take county roads because they believe it is faster than state highways. They are correct.

The only way to dissuade them doing so is to make their trip longer than the alternative. The only effective way to do that is a physical obstruction. Police cannot be there at all times—speed limits by themselves do not work. Speed bumps have been shown to work. The arguments that there are legal considerations and problems from the road department are disingenuous.

Grand Junction, Montrose,

Telluride and many other jurisdictions have seen no legal consequences. Who should run the county: the commissioners or the road department? It’s difficult? So what? Maintenance, dust control, speeding and quality of life can be enhanced with less traffic driving at lower speeds. Make a decision based on reality, not politics.

Marcus Wilson