New board member promises to work in students’ best interests



Dear Editor:

I am overwhelmed with gratitude to the Ridgway voters for electing me to a four year seat on the Ridgway Board of Education on Nov. 5. From the parents and residents who encouraged me to run in the election to the volunteers and donors who supported my campaign, this has been a true grassroots effort that showcases the passion our community has for the well-being of our students and schools. Thank you to the voters and to my fellow candidates Valene Baskfield, Brian Patton, and John Countryman for participating in the democratic process. Our community is better for it.

It was important to me to be visible during my first public campaign so that I was able to effectively communicate my vision and platform — and to have a variety of formats to connect with voters. I chose to run a traditional community campaign and worked hard to fundraise for this effort. As a result I was able to fund a website, print postcards and yard signs, and pay for printed advertising in the Ouray County Plaindealer. This approach, along with a Facebook page, participation in two public forums, and door to door canvassing gave me openings for rich conversations and connection with many of you. I intend to carry this communication and fundraising energy into my service on the school board.

I am moved by the expression of confidence from the community and I thank you for having faith in me. I look forward to more conversations with all of you, and promise to work for the best interest of kids, continuing the forward momentum of the Ridgway School District.

Aimee Quadri