Let citizens fill vacancy



Dear Editor,

With the recent resignation of a City Council member, and two Council seats up for grabs on Nov. 5, the voters of Ouray have a chance to make changes in the direction of the City Council.

There is obviously great public interest, considering that there are 7 candidates for City offices. Apparently the present City Council “wants to choose who they work with” instead of letting democracy run its course and have the CITIZENS decide who should be on the Council. Does this sound fair to you?

The recent statement that “Per the City Code, the vacancy cannot stay empty until the election in November, it must be appointed and filled before then” is not accurate as the City Code does not address the matter. The City Charter states that vacancies “shall be filled by the affirmative vote of the remaining Council members” but gives no time limits.

So I suggest that the citizens let the Council know that the Council candidate with the 3rd highest vote total in the November election should be immediately appointed to fill the Council vacancy.

The City should be able to run just fine with 4 people on the Council until the citizens make their choice known on Nov. 5.

J Gary Dunn