Graduate thankful for help


Dear Editor,

Thank you, WISE!

I received a scholarship as

Valedictorian for a very generous

$750 from the Women in Support of Education. While searching for a contact to send a thank you, I was informed that after decades of service to our community, the group had dissolved and with their final act awarded me the honor of this scholarship, their last ever.

For my entire life and well before, WISE has worked to fundraise and contribute to so many students like me, to assist in paying for college educations. Many of the recent scholarships were amongst the most generous to be awarded to Ouray County students by private organizations and seem to have reached into the tens of thousands of dollars. I also had the privilege to attend the Ballot and Referendum initiative forum with my family which was hosted by WISE, a valuable tradition in educating ourselves in upcoming elections.

I wish I had your names to list here. I promise to work hard, to complete college, and to pass it forward as I find success. Thank you for your contributions to our community. The city is better for you having been in it.

Cooper Rondinelli