Town should stand up to businesses on rates

Dear Editor, Recent Plaindealer reports suggest that many Ridgway business owners think Ridgway “owes” them a water rate break because business does “so much” for the Town. Business owners (like

Stepping aside for other school board candidates

Dear Editor, I want to sincerely thank the 40 voters who recently signed my candidacy petition for Ridgway School District Board of Education - your encouragement and enthusiasm was a


From the Ouray County Herald and Ouray County Plaindealer: 50 Years Ago September 11, 1969 - Sixty experts in public health from throughout the nation are conducting one of the

It’s important you know we stand corrected

Believe me, there’s no one who hates getting things wrong more than I do. It literally makes me feel sick to my stomach, during that “oh s**t” moment where I


Dear Editor, Common sentiment seems to place the blame for a shortage of affordable housing in Ridgway (and Ouray County generally) on short-term rentals. There’s truth in this. Certainly the


A story on Page 2 of the Aug. 29 edition, “Commissioners consider sunset in tax question,” incorrectly stated the amount by which residential property taxes would increase if a 3.7

The benefits of reading every day

enhanced imagination, and in my opinion, most importantly, "it leads to their future academic success." I've frequently written about the importance of teaching reading at the elementary school level because