A new law worth reading up on

Shh ... Have you visited your local library lately? If you haven’t, you may want to check out some of the many things you can do there. Besides great books,

Treatment of migrants at the border is un-American

Dear Editor, The results of conditions of migrants at our southern border were released by the Inspector General for the Department of Homeland Security in May. The report revealed rampant

Thanks for dog assistance

Dear Editor: Thank you for putting the “Don’t Hurt Dogs” article in the paper a few weeks ago. It is an honor to be in the paper. Since we were


From the Ouray County Herald and Ouray County Plaindealer: 50 Years Ago July 17, 1969 - Editorial: It all began with a surprise haircutting party planned for four longish-haired newcomers

Forgoing Realtors not the solution to affordable housing problem

Dear Editor, As the professional association representing Montrose, Ouray and Ridgway Realtors, we were dismayed to read Tim Menger’s recent letter to the editor. He’s absolutely right that affordable housing

Our only agenda: the truth

As new publishers, we find folks want to know where we stand on things. What’s your plan for the newspaper? Are you going to print stories or letters about this


From the Ouray County Herald and Ouray County Plaindealer: 50 Years Ago July 10, 1969 - It has been about 18 years since the Galloping Goose wheezed up and over

Facts are facts. Here are some worth recycling

“Now the turmoil…normally hidden from view…is hitting home.” ~The Guardian, June 21, 2019 The article called to my attention was not about immigration or abortion (a.k.a., “reproductive rights”). Not about

Two solutions to housing mess

Two solutions to housing mess Dear Editor: I read the very comprehensive article of the fine family who found it impossible to live close by or in Ouray to earn