50 YEARS AGO August 13, 1970 - Editorial: It's high time Ouray asks the Highway Department for assistance with its current traffic problems before someone gets killed on Main Street. One of the many flattering comments made in the recent New York Times feature on Ouray said we stiU do not have any parking (traffic) problems.

Despite vote, Gardner’s record abysmal

Dear Editor: Sen. Cory Gardner recently co-sponsored the Great Outdoors Bill to help deal with the maintenance backlog in our National Parks and permanently fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

When an unhappy camper retaliates

This summer, you’ll find the Ouray County Plaindealer is no longer available at one of its previous locations. And that’s because a local business didn’t appreciate being highlighted in a story and told us to remove our rack from its property.

Padgett a great choice for county

Padgett a great choice for county Dear Editor: I, like most people, was excited to see in last week’s Plaindealer that Lynn Padgett was running for county commissioner. What I remember, and was left out of the article, was that Lynn was a Ouray County planning commissioner and has 12 years of experience in local government administration and policy.

Ouray’s most beautiful bird returns

The Beauty of Nature Is not far away One just has to look —Anonymous— It is always a treat especially when a beautiful bird makes his appearance. This is what happened on July 7 at Box Canyon Park.


50 YEARS AGO August 6,1970 - Dear Editor: The problem of the 930 curfew and its enforcement, if it weren’t so ridiculous, would be funny. If we are to have a 9:30 curfew for the kids, I would suggest a 9 p.m.

The summer of “what now?”

The summer of 2020 has placed all of us in a state of “what now.” I go to work every day and at 4 p.m., as I drive back to the ranch, I question, “What now?” In past summers, we were full of “now what,” always going from one adventure to the next: from family roping at the arena to barrel racing practice in Montrose, from feeding and bathing the pigs for fair to tuning up the horses for rodeo. Always on the move. Now, not so much. This summer I have spent a lot of time reminiscing about our four grown kids. I miss them horribly. I often find myself fantasizing about a life with all the kids and grandkids living with us.