Facts don't support impeachment

Dear Editor: A recent letter to the editor concerning President Trump's impeachment began with several statements that the writer claimed were "the facts we know." Many were false. Let's set


50 YEARS AGO January 15, 1970 - The Ouray County School Planning committee met last Thursday, January 8, in another step toward eventual consolidation of the two school districts of

Kelvin Kent

It is my pleasure this month to introduce readers to a poem by Kelvin Kent. Kelvin has led a varied and adventurous life involving three careers and says he has


50 YEARS AGO January 8, 1970 - “Your percentages aren’t important; we just don’t want even one more inch of snow than nature will give us.” That remark was the

Some passing thoughts on the road

One of the things about living in rural parts of Colorado means often having to travel on two lane roads. Where it is sometimes a lot more pleasant than driving

New year, new look for Plaindealer

You might notice the Plaindealer looks a little bit different today. If you’re reading this, it means we’ve successfully upgraded our computer system and designed the paper using a new