Make sure southwest Colorado counts

Stand up and be counted. Since 1790, every person in America has been counted every 10 years through the U.S. census. Data gathered is used by the federal government to distribute money to states to pay for federally mandated programs. The population numbers determine our political representation in Congress, the State Legislature and at the city and county levels. The census provides the data we need for properly allocating services, funds and economic development to different parts of the country.


In the article “Man, town clash over candidacy” published on Feb. 13, the story should have indicated the protection order granted to Andy Michelich against David Gottorff is temporary, not permanent. Also, in the case involving Keeton Disser, there are actually two separate cases (2019S07 and 2019CV01). 2019S07 was closed on Sept. 10 and 2019CV01 was closed on Nov. 8. Th first was dismissed as a result of the amended complaint and the second was closed after an undisclosed settlement was reached.

This is a problem and that is a fact

It was the first day of the new year, and Sarah Kaplan from The Washington Post was all doom and gloom: “Global emissions are expected to hit an all-time high this year, and humanity is on track to cross the threshold for tolerable warming within a generation.”