YEARS AGO October 29,1970 - Advertisement: Easy on the dry hards. Certain things have special importance in a woman’s world.

Arctic blast a brief reprieve from climate disaster

Drought, smoke, fire, three months of unusually hot late summer / fall days, a puny monsoon, a La Niña forecast: Welcome to the American West’s 2020 dimate disaster. For this just-completed water year, October 2019-September 2020, Ouray registered only 16.85 inches of precipitation, 72 percent of its historic normal of 23.05 inches.

Negative ads hurt, don’t help

Dear Editor: For decades, I have watched our political system divide, falling prey to special interest and big money. Political parties no longer work together but stand their ground, holding fast to party lines.

Support RSA tax

Dear Editor: I have been a very satisfied patient of Dr. Joel Gates for over five years.

No place for ads that lie

Dear Editor: I think that all four county commissioner candidates are all very good candidates and will do a good job. Ido take issue with some of the flyers and ads being circulated by the Ouray County Integrity Project.

Padgett all about control

Dear Editor: I would like to address the attack made by mail by Lynn Padgett’s campaign and the Ouray County Democratic Party. First I would like to point out that it was a direct attack on the citizens of this county.

Hard to build a community, easy to tear it down

Dear Editor: I am so disheartened that Ouray County folks are putting out ads that are mean, untruthful, and destructive in the name of politics. It is mind-blowing that people I have respected and worked with in various capacities over the last 15 years of living in Ouray are showing the worst of themselves.

Kudos to Padgett for sticking to positive message

Dear Editor: I would like to commend Lynn Padgett, in the face of a concerted smear campaign against her, for sticking to positive ads and mailers which focus solely on her mission, experience, achievements and priorities. The Ouray County Democratic Party, not Lynn, has created and funded ads and a postcard defending her from the attacks on her character and lies about her agenda, and pointing out why this smear campaign was launched.


50 YEARS AGO October 22, 1970 -The Ouray County Sheriff's Office has been plagued with numerous trespass and night-poaching complaints from ranchers and farmers down the valley, who are even worse plagued since the opening of hunting season. The offenders are fleet-footed and shrewd enough that no arrests have been possible so far.