Melissa Head


Dec. 26, 1952-Jan. 11, 2020

  • Melissa Head
    Melissa Head

Melissa Head was born Melissa Potter on December 26th, 1952, at Bates Hospital in Ouray, Colorado, to Willma and John Henry Potter of Potter’s Hereford Ranch. Melissa attended Ouray High School until she graduated in 1970, upon her graduation she married Walter Head and they purchased a mobile home and moved onto her parents’ ranch. She had three children who all graduated from Ridgway High School. Melissa worked numerous jobs in Ouray, as well as working and retiring from Ouray Citizens State Bank. Melissa was also heavily involved in 4H. As a 4H leader she loved working with children, showing them how to groom and present their animals for the Labor Day 4H show and being a mentor to children of Ouray County.

After Melissa’s mother’s death in 2006, Melissa was ostracized by her siblings, forcing her to leave her home and relocating to Lake Texoma Area in Oklahoma. Melissa and her husband built two large night clubs, one was 3,800 square feet, known as Rolling Thunder Nightclub. The second was 6,800 square feet, known as Wild Cherry Nightclub. These two nightclubs were not ordinary nightclubs, they were upscale nightclubs that were also used as community centers. They hosted corporate parties for policeman conventions, Choctaw Casino, wedding receptions, birthday and anniversary parties and just about every charity event possible because Melissa could not say no to charity. Melissa’s small town mannerisms and kindness to people is what made these clubs flourish. She was known as “Miss Melissa” and was respected and loved by people in neighboring counties from miles around, but her heart and love was for Ouray County, where she was raised and spent most of her adult life. Melissa’s greatest accomplishment and what she took pride in the most was her children and her grandchildren.

Melissa carried her kindness throughout her sickness by forwarding the overwhelming amount of donations to children’s hospitals. She loved her family and friends and gave love to everyone. She was a heartfelt and wonderful person, caring about everyone in her life. Melissa passed away on January 11th, 2020, of brain cancer. Melissa was survived in life by her husband, Walter Head, her son Jodie Head, her daughter Bobbie Lou Klabon, and her son Tobie Head, along with her five grandchildren.