Caldwell Poem

2013 Woman of the Year

A dimpled smile as big as our planet
belies her very miniscule stature.
Her accomplishments seem to run the gamut
and everyone knows you can't catch her!
She has taken this community by storm,
seeing opportunity when many are lukewarm,
Filling any need that might occur,
getting everyone to rally round her.
She knows very well how to inspire,
to gather together a team,
And though we're known as the WOMAN'S club
she effortlessly brings men to the scene.
An inseparable pair, her husband and she —
they both push their limits it's plain to see.
No task too small, no goal too grand,
they tackle it in tandem, hand in hand.
She's set the bar high wherever she leads.
dedication and excellence are her prayer beads.
Her attention to detail is how she excels,
leaving nothing undone, a legend she tells.
But she never forgets her human side,
her hospitality and warmth, her hugs so wide.
During her tenure huge efforts have flourished —
Rummage Sale, hospice rooms, Medical Loan Closet she's nourished.
A big plus to our membership, she's encouraged so many
and all have felt welcome, discomfort not any.
We see her preside here, but there's more to the story.
twice a year art shows add to her glory.
Finding volunteers is only the beginning —
crafting their training, as each show must be winning.
All the details are covered, leaving nothing to chance,
in notebooks and on posters, naught ever askance
She leaves us all breathless — don't know how she does that!
to Vicki Caldwell we now tip our collective hat!
-by Nancy Rule