A true discovery

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Dear Editor,
Many of us might remember the Girl Scout Camp tucked away in the big trees off County Road 5. And then we remember it closed.
This past Saturday we joined many more area residents to have a look at what’s being planned for this space, now called Top of the Pines.
What a glorious space! 175 acres covered with so many Ponderosa pines, interspersed with meadows still flowering, all tucked right up against the Sneffels range of the San Juans.
For us it was true discovery. We can no longer ski or rock climb or hike steep mountain trails. Those years are memories now.
Here at Top of the Pines, we learned that trails are planned, flat as possible and wide too. For us this would be new hiking space.
We found the main building easily, structurally sound now but still unfinished. When work is completed, this will offer a full kitchen, indoor restrooms, meeting space for 150, even.
Much work needs to be done. Many hands need to help. As well as we are able we will put our hands to work there too.

Linda and Bill Hanson