Thanks for sign help

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Dear Editor,

The wayfinding trail signs in the Dennis Weaver Memorial Park were recently installed — they have great character, and kudos to In Design Signs for creating them.
Many thanks to those who helped make this project a reality: Doug Canright; Jen Coates; Joanne Fagan; Don Haskell; Devin Overton; Danny Powers; Jeff Rivera; Julie Wyrick; Gerry, Jess and Rusty Weaver; the Ridgway Parks and Trails Committee; and the “Groundhog.” Next time you're out in the park, take a hike or bike ride, check out the signs and don’t get lost!
Also, the summit of the main trail is now “Ridgway’s Boot Hill” — if anyone wants a proper burial for an old pair of boots, please contact me and I’ll fetch ‘em.

Thanks again,

Rick Weaver