In peace and truth

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Dear Editor,
The recent mass killings of prairie dogs, poisoned to death in their natural habitat, and the killing of the two mountain lion siblings in Ouray, have prompted this letter.
The young lions were guilty of nothing except trying to survive in a world where humans drive too fast on the highway, and where people need to take extra precautions to keep their livestock safe from the natural predators in the area. The prairie dogs are also innocent. If we are going to take the risk of living here, we must also be prepared to endure the consequences of it.
Mountain lions were regarded as sacred by most Native American tribes; so was this land. Instead of reacting out of fear, everyone who lives in this area ought to be grateful for the amazing access to wildlife and the privilege (not a right) that we have of being able to share this space with the animals that reside here.
With the stresses of this world, we humans tend to lose our patience and want a quick fix. Sometimes a person needs to simply take a breath, and look for other measures. The public also needs to be educated. There is always a solution that is harmonious with life, not death and suffering.
The earth has experienced some extremely turbulent events in the past few decades. Humans are bent on using deadly chemicals, poisons and war to solve problems. Human consciousness has devolved, not evolved.
The human species seems to be on a mission to go faster, kill quicker and to do so without any regard for life taken. Apathy and indifference are deadly to the innocent creatures and deadly to nature, which needs us to defend it against unawareness and greed, and the human ego which is, “get what I want, kill what I want, and the “me, myself, and I” generation of self-accomplishment, self-aggrandizement and just plain selfishness...“it disturbs me and my possessions, so I want it removed, and I don’t care how.”
God gives man what we have, and we truly own nothing. We humans came into this world with nothing, and will leave this earth with nothing but what our consciousness has become.
There is a Universal Law that governs everything and everyone — what we do to the earth, its creatures and to others will come back to us tenfold. The law is cause and effect, or “action-reaction,” and this law plays no favorites. The law does not care what religious label a person places on themselves. We are all connected. Everything on this planet is connected. Quantum science has proven this.
The Native Americans consider the mountain lion to represent “leadership,” and the prairie dog represents “community.” Let’s be leaders in our community by showing that we humans can be stewards of the earth and its creatures, not killers and destroyers. In peace and truth,
Alethea Guthrie
Log Hill Mesa