Opposed to tax increase

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Dear Editor,
I am opposed to any increase to the current Ouray County sales tax—especially without a sunset provision. Such increases should be addressed by a new vote every two to four years, just as our elected officials face.
As a business owner in the City of Ouray, I feel such an increase will have a negative impact on the retail businesses in Ouray County. We already encounter a bit of “sticker shock” from some of our customers when they realize the tax rate on their purchases. Also, some of our fellow business owners make an attempt to assist the community by being open year round and provide local shopping for full-time residents of Ouray County. By increasing the sales tax rate, this would be another reason for the locals to shop outside the county.
There were many claims for the last Ouray County one percent increase in 2008, one of which was that gas prices would be $7 per gallon by the end of 2009. This is one of the projections that has yet to be realized. No one can say exactly what the local economy and real estate assessed values will be two to four years from now, but we the people should have the option to vote within the two to four year period as to whether continuing any tax is warranted.
Also, I would like to hear some options for increasing Ouray County revenue by increasing business revenues at the current rate and other means of bringing money into the county before I would vote for any sales tax increase. At this time, I plan to vote NO in NOvember on such a ballot measure.

Bruce Gulde