THC is better alternative for pain

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Dear Editor,
I live with chronic pain. I have for many years. I have tried quite possibly every prescription pain medicine on the market, which by the way, all of them have some side effects, from fairly minor to rather damaging. I have tried pain management clinics, physical therapy, yoga, dry needling, massage and so on.
I have three grown children, two grown stepchildren and five grandchildren. I am extremely active in their lives. The last thing I want is to be high on marijuana, or any prescription drug. But I have no choice. If I want to have an active life, I need something to reduce the amount of pain I am in every day.
I believe that the people that are against medicinal marijuana stores in the county are just uninformed people. First of all, only people with a valid marijuana card can even enter a store. You can only get a valid card through a licensed medical doctor, and then the state still has to approve it. It is against the law for a medical marijuana store to sell to anyone without proper paper work and it is against the law for me to buy from a legal store and give or sell any of the product to anyone else. And each person with a card can only buy or possess a designated amount of any product.
Medicinal marijuana comes in many forms, such as lotions, creams, bath salts and other forms that do not need to be inhaled or ingested. In other words, you do not have to be high to get great pain relief.
Please do not take away a legal and local way for middle aged people like me who are looking for an alternative way to live as pain free as possible without the damaging effects of prescription medication. We need to drop the dark back alley image of pot and put aside the images of the 1960s and see that this, when used correctly, is a valid way to get the pain relief that so many people need. I would much rather soak in a hot tub with the pain relief of THC than take the morphine that was prescribed to me by the hospital. And can anyone truly say morphine is a better alternative? With all due respect, and no offense,

Coleen McElroy
Ouray County