Appreciation felt from Ridgway community support

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Dear Editor,
Mirek and I wanted to write a huge thank-you to our community. The fire at God’s Rods, although minor, left a huge amount of smoke damage and soot on everything. We feel so blessed to have escaped more damage than that, thanks to the kind neighbor who happened to see the flames and called both the fire department and us, and to the quick response of the Ridgway Volunteer Fire Department. We have never felt so appreciated in all our lives. From the people who called and emailed to wish us well, to the donations of food, paint, cleaning supplies, power washers and brushes, to the many men and women who donated their time and effort to help us move things in the shop and clean. So many came to help this past weekend, that we were able to get the whole main bay cleaned, painted and ready to be set up for business again by the middle of the week. That must be a record! We could not have done this repair by ourselves. This is what every community should be like. People have pitched in to help our business stay alive, and we appreciate each and every one of them. We are truly touched by the care that has been and continues to be shown to us. The community is an example of all that is good in people. Thank you to all our friends and neighbors who were there for us in our time of need. We are eternally grateful, and look forward to the opportunity to “pay it forward.” Sincerely,

Jenn and Mirek Maez