Food Pantry needs new home

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Dear Editor,

As many of you know, the Food Pantry is looking for a new home. The former location had been donated to us and we are most grateful for the time spent there and the generosity of the owners. However, they had an opportunity to lease that building. Good for them in today’s economy. That location served as our home since the beginning of the pantry. Thank you.

At the moment, the pantry is closed (not good for those who need the supplemental food) and we are looking for another location here in Ridgway. There are a few possibilities, but nothing is definite. It would be wonderful if another community member would step up and offer us a location. In these tough economic times, it seems like there are many vacant buildings. If you know of anyone who might be able to help us, please call me at 729-1848. We would appreciate any leads.

This is a rather urgent plea. We would like to open the pantry once again as soon as possible so that we may continue to serve the needs of Ouray County. Thanks.

Alice Billings