Event a special editon to town

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Dear Editor,
I'm writing to congratulate and thank everyone involved in the first Ridgway Heritage Festival this past weekend. What an event! The parade, the Ranch Rodeo, dancing to Opal Moon, plus all the various activities in the park on Sunday, everything went smoothly and was enjoyed by many. Considering it was the inaugural event, it was so amazing to see it go off without a hitch. The highlights for me were the Ranch Rodeo on Saturday and the Native American dancers on Sunday. Great stuff, and so much fun!
Above all, it was really special to see both the original inhabitants of our beautiful valley, represented by Roland McCook of the Utes and his fellow Native American dancers, as well as the long time ranchers of the county, represented by the likes of the Webers, the Double RL, Wolf Cattle Company and many others, get their time in the spotlight. We all need to remember how important both groups are to the past and the future of this place we call home.
I know she'll be writing separately to thank all the volunteers that I couldn't possibly name, but Gale Ingram and the Ridgway Area Chamber of Commerce (RACC) deserve a big thanks for everything they did to organize and coordinate a weekend-long festival like this from scratch. Thanks Gale (and RACC); I look forward to seeing this festival thrive in the decades to come!!

John Clark
Town of Ridgway