Premise of letter misleading

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Dear Editor,
Two weeks ago, in a letter to the editor, I was confused by the ranchers' seeming dislike and non-support of the new Section 9 for no substantive reasons. This past week, Mr Wojciechowski responded on behalf of the local ranchers. This is a good thing. He was spot on identifying the problem; clearly "misleading puffery" and the "misinformed" are the problem. He went on to give us a lesson in these two problems; he submitted a letter that was both misleading and misinformed.
The premise of his letter was that ranching and mining in Ouray County were not exempt from Section 9; WRONG, they are exempt . Here is the rub. You have got to read it before you start talking about it, inventing words not found in the code and writing letters to the editor based on some idea in your head as opposed to facts.
Let's have a public discussion. Let's have one on Section 9. It is all right for us to disagree, but let's use facts and leave the assumptions behind.

Tom McKenney
Ouray County