Remembering a rancher

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Dear Editor,
Mario Zadra, a Ouray county native son and legend in his own time, has quit this world for greener pastures.
I wanted his friends and neighbors to know that Mario died on  June 5, 2013 in his home in Montrose at the age of 97. Mario was one of the last of the few remaining of a dying breed.
He was a hard working self made rancher cut from the same cloth as his friend Marie Scott. He worked like a 40 year old all the way to 90, and thrived in spite of some overwhelming obstacles.
Mario was a man of surprising diversity and accomplishments, and the finest horseman I have ever met. This world will be a lesser place without him.
Mario’s funeral will be on Saturday, June 15, at 11:00 a.m. at the Montrose Christian Church (2351 Sunnyside Rd.).
Please join us for a celebration of his long and wonderful life and a potluck after the services.

Susan Cora Maybach