Cemetery caretakes applauded

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Dear Editor,
I would like to personally thank the caretakers of the Cedar Hill cemetery. The grounds have always looked beautiful for the past several years. I don't know the names of the couple that take such wonderful care of this important part of the county but they are to be commended. There must be some method that these folks could be remunerated for their efforts. They are probably not paid enough for the time that it takes to keep the grounds in such outstanding condition. Is there a way that monies could be raised to help compensate their salaries? Is there a cemetery board that oversees the operation that could assess a fee for the upkeep of the cemetery? I am sure that many families would gladly help with expenses if a method was available. I would like to hear from the cemetery board members in order to be part of the solution.
Kenneth Baumardner
Aztec, N.M.