Ouray County only needs one force

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Dear Editor,
Even though not a resident of Ouray, I have been watching the disaster unfolding there with the resignation of the entire police department, save for the most-junior officer who perhaps can't afford to take a stand. It's obvious the chief wasn't the problem.
Ouray is doing an emergency search for a new chief to rebuild the department. This is a huge mistake. It's ridiculous that this county of merely 4,500 souls has three law enforcement agencies. The answer is clear: the city of Ouray should contract with the Sheriff's Office to provide its police protection. The sheriff can have the manpower to do this by hiring the long-time officers from Ouray (what a plus to have some experienced deputies who also live in the county!). The huge cost savings of not duplicating command might mean the sheriff could pay all deputies a more competitive wage, and maybe we could finally have law enforcement on-duty around the clock.
Why this hasn't been brought up before is a mystery. Indeed, Ridgway should seriously consider getting in on this too.

Jim Bianco
Log Hill Village