After-Prom success

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Dear Editor,

When I hear the word “jousting” I imagine medieval knights charging on horseback. Last Saturday night, at Ouray County’s After Prom Party, I learned that the term also refers to a vast, air-filled vinyl object in which students cheerfully tackled, pummeled, and knocked the wind out of one another. Who knew?

This year, 110 local students consumed burgers and dogs, played bingo, won prizes, got intricate henna tattoos, made improbable baskets from across the Ouray School Gym, and romped around several air-filled blobs, courtesy of Bananas Amusement Park.

But what matters more is what students did not do on Prom Night: namely, binge drink, use other drugs, or get into cars and drive them in a state of intoxication.

The safe and sober After-Prom party that our generous community puts on each year was a success once again. On behalf of Voyager Youth Program, Ouray County Juvenile Diversion and all of the youth in our county, we would like to thank the following donors and volunteers who put on a fantastic party:


Backstreet Bistro, The City of Ouray Hot Springs, Karla & Todd Cline, Jake Coulter, Wendy Crank, Helene “H” Discoe, Duckett’s Market, Mandi Gardiner, Goldbelt Bar & Grill, Sheriff “Junior” Mattivi, Mouse’s Chocolates and Coffee, Ouray Brewery, The Ouray Fire Department, Scott Pankow, Panny’s Pizza, The Ridgway Fire Department, Ridgway Subway Sandwiches & Salad, Corbin, Shannon, & John Robinson, Stephanie Rogers, Rosebowl Lanes, Timberline Deli, The True Grit Café, The Unruh Family, and Richard Weber.


If I have inadvertently left anyone off of this list, please forgive my ignorance! I look forward to knowing everyone so much better by this time next year. I encourage the whole community to thank these businesses and individuals in person for contributing to the safety and happiness of our youth.



Laura Thomas

Executive Director

Voyager Youth Program