Recall is absurd

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Dear Editor,
Regarding “McLachlan Recall Petition Circulates”
Really? A recall petition initiated by the losing party less than four months after a majority of The People spoke during the Colorado District 59 November election? Will this be the trend of the future any time a group disagrees with an elected official who was voted by a majority of the voting public? I visited the web site cited in the article and some of its associated Tweets. Within the site is a letter to the editor of the Durango Herald, in which the letter refers to Rep. McLachlan as a traitor and treasonous because of a definition for treason being “a person who betrays a friend, country or principle.” Using the definition cited, it seems these words could be used against anyone with whom we disagree or against anyone for whom we did not vote.
I find the complaints of those petitioning for a recall to be comments that would be better suited in positive discussion and solid arguments for their beliefs rather than the negative impact of the initiation of a recall election. Wasn’t it evident during the 2012 election that the American public is getting very weary of all the negativity and petty bickering amongst our politicians and constituents?
It seems the party who touts being fiscally conservative and desiring less government spending is willing to induce additional local government spending by initiating a recall election. Instead of looking backward and attempting to change the past, would not the time, money and energy be better spent on looking forward and preparing a candidate and agenda for the next election?
As an unaffiliated registered voter, I find such actions as this by any political party to be deplorable. In this case, the words of the Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, in November 2012 seem to become more self-evident day by day.

Bruce Gulde