AA thanks Roberts

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Dear Editor,

Since the beginning of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935 there have been people who are known as "Friends of AA," usually people in the medical field who understand that alcoholism and drug addiction are serious illnesses with serious consequences.
Cheryl Roberts has been such a friend of AA. She has recognized that alcohol and drug addiction are illnesses which fit under the public health umbrella. She has given a home to AA meetings in Ouray. A home to individuals, particularly individuals who may be wondering if their drinking is out of control, that they might see AA meetings at the public health building as a safe harbor and perhaps see their problems as a matter of being sick rather than a matter of being weak.
AA in Ouray congratulates Cheryl Roberts on her retirement as Director of Public Health and thanks her for her continued support of the recovery community. We will miss Cheryl and wish her well as she moves on to her next adventure.

Yours truly,
Up to Ouray in AA