Billings: It's always something

Life is filled with metaphors…and how horses interact in the pasture is a metaphor for life.  
The other night watching my horses come in for their nightly repast reminded me of that…..when Gus blocks Oreo and Pockets…they can’t get into their stalls….when Oreo blocks Pockets and Libby….neither one of them can move….it is kinda like a chess game….or on the lower end of the intellectual spectrum….more of a game of chance…pick up sticks….in order to get the one you want, you have to figure out how to move the one in your way….kinda like the horses coming in from the pasture…finally I got Gus out of the way…Pockets and Oreo came in….but now Gus came out again and was blocking Libby and Thunder….he finally moved, and Ryah was able to come in…then Thunder tried to get into his stall,…but Libby wouldn’t let him….then Gus was out again…and chased both Libby and Thunder back into the pasture…All the while, Scout, Dakota, Oreo and Pockets and Ryah were watching…well not Ryah…her head was already into her grain….
Kinda like life….like Gilda Radner used to say in her role of Roseanne Roseannadanna “It’s always something.”
And it is always something. Something we don’t like, something we do like it. The “somethings” go on and on. PBS and KRMA have these music specials…where they remaster the music of a particular era and in an effort to raise money to continue to broadcast, then offer the CDs and DVDs for sale. Last week, I caught a 50s and 60s show being hosted by Bowzer and Ronnie Spector of the Sherelles. Love that music…it’s my music that I grew up listening to…when I was young and carefree. For me, that was such great music…not like the music of today, which, for the most part, I don’t like – yelling and screaming and I can’t even understand the words. I guess every generation has its thing. And today’s music is not my thing. I loved the Beatles, but I do remember my parent’s reaction to that music…and it wasn’t positive. So it has come full
Yes, it is always something….Now it appears that in addition to feeding my horses, I am also feeding the elk which I’m not happy about. It seems that a herd likes to frequent my pasture in the early evenings just when my horses are still eating….they all eat together in peace…however, I don’t want to be feeding them, not with the cost of hay this year. However, knowing there is nothing one can do about this….I have to change my attitude. We live in the Colorado mountains afterall…and there is wildlife. Isn’t that why we moved here…for the incredible beauty and the wildlife? While elk may be charming to look at….they are not charming to me when they are stealing hay….and they are pretty brazen animals. Obviously, they are hungry. This gives a new perspective for me about the deer. I’ll take them anytime over the elk. Deer don’t eat that much….sort of like my llamas….although the llamas are not happy about the elk either…they go and hide in the trees when they are around.
What’s a girl to do? Yes, it is always something. I heard this little story…it also is a metaphor for life…  It’s about using the winter time to clean up your saddle…stitch it…oil it…and generally get it ready for the new Spring season. That’s what we should do -  use the winter time to reassess, clean up…let go of the old to bring in the new…new growth…Can’t wait to see the first little green grasses poke through the ground.
So tonight…this was the dynamics in my pasture…..All the horses were standing under the tree as the snow began to lightly fall. Then one by one, they came up to the paddock area and Ryah went right in….Scout and Dakota started munching on some left over hay….therefore blocking Oreo and Pockets….Gus was behind Scout….with not enough room for Oreo to pass by. Behind Oreo and Pockets were Thunder and Libby waiting patiently…So…I stood and waited….then decided to take action and get a lead rope…As I returned with it, Oreo decided she could go around Gus the other way…so she did and was able to get into her stall. I used the lead rope on Pockets so I could carefully lead her by Gus…and she too got into her stall….as all this was happening, Gus decided it was time to move…Scout too…leaving the way open for Thunder to go in….and then Libby.  
Patience…it is a lesson in patience for me. I wonder what their thought process is….or is it just instinct. Sometimes I do think that Gus does it on purpose….There’s always one….and it’s always something!

Alice Billings is a resident of Ridgway, Colorado, a painter, an artist, an author and friend to animals everywhere.