Keep Alaimo coming

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Dear Editor,
Hi, Alan, Deborah and David here from the KOA. Thank you for keeping up the Plaindealer! We look forward to seeing it in our mailbox each week as it helps us stay connected to home, and it often causes us to miss Ouray, Ridgway and friends. Joe's articles are some of my favorites, and this last one was just a hoot.  Even though I do not have a supply of robotic snakes stored for an emergency, I thought I might still have a couple of robotic fish to throw in the pond behind our home to monitor all of the runoff from our chemically laden beautiful golf course.  I've been way too busy contemplating the drone butterfly to take inventory, but I really need to take stock. See, that is how Joe's writings hit me. He has a style loaded with information to give us food for thought, and at the same time lots of laughter. Thank you, Joe, for the smiles and keep those great emails coming with Still news.  
Very sincerely,
Deborah Brunovsky
Ouray KOA