OVFD earns deepest respect

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Dear Editor,

A note of appreciation, admiration and respect.

In the very early morning hours of January 4, I received the call from our fire chief that a home under my management had caught fire. By the time that I was notified, the fire department had responded, extinguished the blaze and secured lodging for the frightened family that had occupied the home the evening of the event.

Fortunately, the alarm system alerted the family of the fire, and all four family members escaped unharmed. It was by the light of day that I first viewed the scene. Upon entering the structure it was immediately clear to me that the dedicated volunteers of our fire department had acted with the utmost effort to properly contain the blaze, and limit damage to the home to the minimum. You hear these words often, but it is not until you see the results that you understand, and fully appreciate the service these firefighters provide. The applied training and conscientious approach to securing the fire is a testament to their teamwork. While we sleep, these volunteers are ready, willing, and able to respond to the call, facing danger to serve their community. To all members of the Ouray Volunteer Fire Department, you have my deepest respect. Thank you.

Michael Underwood