Cartoon neglected responsibilities

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Dear Editor,
Regarding the editorial cartoon for the Jan. 3 issue I was highly offended that anyone could think that the NRA or any rational person would want to have a shoot-out in a school full of children. That is not what the NRA's CEO said or suggested and to imply that he did is being totally dishonest. The piece obviously reflects the view that there should be more government control of gun ownership. Although a gun owner myself, I have had my differences with the NRA over the years. I own several guns for hunting and sport shooting, none of which are considered assault weapons as far as I know, but in the hands of a deranged person are capable of causing severe injury or even death to other people. The idea that the NRA and its members have no regard for human life and they own guns from having some sort of macho personality disorder is completely irresponsible.
I do believe that had there been a responsible person with a weapon at Sandy Hook school in Newtown (as well as in Aurora, Virginia Tech and other sites in recent years) the "bad guy" could have been taken down with far fewer or perhaps no deaths to innocent children, educators and others. The NRA's position that armed personnel should be present in our schools should not be derided and taken lightly as so many in the media and left wing politicians have done and should be carefully considered by us as a nation.
This is a debate that this country should have and I'm sure that in the coming weeks and months we will have. Gun ownership requires responsibility from the gun owner. Being a citizen of this nation should require personal responsibility from its citizens. There are far too many in our society who lead irresponsible lives. Just as with morality, I know of no way to legislate responsibility. As the sign in our local saloon, the Silver Eagle, so succinctly states it: "You Can't Fix Stupid."
Gun control is not the answer—responsible citizenship is.

Larry White
Ouray and Colleyville, Tex.