Cartoon had wrong caption

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Dear Editor:
I know it’s fashionable for the mainstream media to bash the National Rifle Association, but I’m surprised and disappointed to see the hometown paper marching in lockstep. I’m referring to your recent editorial cartoon where one kindergartner sitting under a school desk says to the other, “Oh great, the NRA wants there to be shootouts in school—between good guys and bad guys with assault weapons.”
The cartoon reminds me of a passive-aggressive brother-in-law. I can’t quite be sure what was intended, but whatever it was, I’m quite sure I don't like it.
If it’s a call for a legal ban on assault weapons as a solution to killing sprees in schools, it’s inane.  Connecticut already has such a law. Connecticut General Statutes Sec. 53-202c. Go ahead—Google it. A Class D felony. A lot of good it did.
If it’s a more invidious implication that the NRA is in some way responsible for (or as the cartoon puts it, “wants there to be”) killing sprees in schools, it’s a baseless insinuation and a profound insult to the millions of peaceful, law-abiding Americans who make up the NRA.
I can’t speak for the NRA, but I suggest that the cartoon could more appropriately have been captioned:
“Oh great, the NRA wants to protect us from criminals and madmen the same proven way we protect other things we value highly, like armored cars and nuclear reactors and presidents.”

Stephen Baum