Section 9 could be left alone

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Dear Editor,
The letter to the editor from Susan Watson two weeks ago seems to have struck a nerve with some of my fellow planning commission members. I want to offer my perspectives.
There were points made by Jack Flowers in an earlier planning commission meeting related to higher costs to build if the soon to be proposed visual impact regulations are adopted by the BOCC. I agree that there will be significantly higher costs for design, construction and perhaps for longer driveways in some cases. Builders and architects that I’ve met with agree with this. Property owners need to familiarize themselves with the proposed regulations and attend the public hearings to protect the interests they have in their property.
The review process for the county planning commission has been long and arduous. Surely it has cost the county significantly in staff time with over a hundred meetings, mostly at night, and with the follow- up time for assimilating materials, processing minutes and agendas, and researching questions by the commission members. It could be argued that the job should have been done in a much shorter time by a few professionals.
Two years ago I had hoped that the result of the review of Section 9 would be a more easily understood set of regulations that would be fair for property owners and that would be straightforward to administer. What I see in the forthcoming recommendations by the planning commission is a more complex set of land use laws that will unfairly burden property owners and that will be difficult to apply.
Perhaps it is a coincidence that the Ouray County Planning Commission is controlled by supporters of ROCC (Ridgway Ouray Community Council). What would be the reaction if the BOCC had appointed five developers to the planning commission?
An alternative for the BOCC on the visual impact regulation reviews could be to stay with the current Section 9 with no expansion of corridor roads. This could be a good way for the BOCC to handle this issue and it would be fair to the real property owners of Ouray County, in my view.
These are my thoughts as an individual and are not the opinion of the planning commission.
Tim Currin