Mountain Air is a big hit


by Caleb Stento
The inaugural night of the Ouray Mountain Air Music Series was a smash hit. Attendees came from near and far, comprised of old and young.
Throughout the evening people enjoyed the cold brews and delicious food. Hundreds of lawn chairs and blankets were filled with smiling people.
Monica Moran, the Mountain Air Music Series event chairperson for the Ouray Chamber Resort Association, said, “The turnout exceeded our expectations. Everything went extremely smoothly. The vendors were really happy with how busy they were.”

Both bands put on a great show. The opening act, Honey Don’t made up of Bill Powers and Shelly Gray from Paonia’s Sweet Sunny South showcased their engaging bluegrass repertoire. Enthusiastic cheers from the audience even forced Halden Wofford and the Hi Beams to hop back on stage for an encore performance. They really lived up to their energetic billing. With each song played, more and more audience members came to the front of the stage to get their dance on.
One important factor – not to be overlooked – was the absolute perfect setting. The evening was optimal concert going weather; no wind, not too hot and not too cool. When the alpenglow kicked into full effect, you realized you’ll never look at other concert venues the same.
Thursday night, the Mountain Air Music Series’ next performers will be the Pimps of Joy Time with opening act Phoebe Hunt. Expect another great turnout for some high energy, funky fun. If you’d like to volunteer during any of the shows, visit
Moran is understandably optimistic for the upcoming event. “The bands for this week are phenomenal and I anticipate we’ll be even more packed in the park than we were last week! I’m so appreciative of the amount of support the entire community has put into this endeavor,” Moran said.