The following is a summary of cases the Ridgway Marshal’s Office handled from July 27-Aug. 9, 2020. If you have information on any of the below active cases or of any other incident that you have information an or feel needs reporting, contact the Marshal’s Office at 970-626-5196.

During these weeks deputies conducted:

72 directed patrols

23 security checks

38 traffic contacts, 10 citations

Two agency assists

Four information reports

Five foot patrols

Three VIN inspections

One trespassing report

Four suspicious incidents

Two traffic accidents

One found property report

One phone call

One business check

Two animal problems

One vagrancy report

Two medical calls

Two civil matters

One noise complaint

One abandoned vehicle

Deputies received report of a trespass in River Park subdivision. Upon arrival at 1:20 a.m. the reporting party said that Bradley Foley, 44, had entered the residence through a locked door and remained in the residence after the owner had told him to leave multiple times. While trying to get Foley out of the home one of the occupants was struck in the face by a door, causing a cut to their face. Foley then left the area and was taken into custody by San Miguel County and Telluride Marshal’s Office deputies at his residence in San Miguel County. He was booked into the Montrose County Jail on suspicion of trespassing, domestic violence, and third-degree assault.

On Aug. 8 deputies received a report that a 14-year-old girl was walking down an alley in Ridgway when she saw a maroon-colored, older, on the side of the alley. As she started to walk past the vehicle the driver turned the wheels out, revved the motor and put their arm out of the driver’s side window. The driver’s arm was never closer than 6 to 8 feet from the female. It drove off and the female ran back to her residence. At the time of the report the female said the driver was a white male, possibly with a beard or mask.

On Aug. 9 deputies took two more reports. One was from a female who said she was running in the area of County Road 5 and Golden Eagle Trail when she saw a male sitting in a maroon-colored sport-utility vehicle. The male appeared to be videotaping the female with his phone. As she approached the female said the male dropped or put down the phone and drove off. She was able to get license plate and deputies are trying to locate the vehicle.

On Aug. 9 deputies received a report of a sport utility vehicle following a female driver around Ridgway in her vehicle at around 10 p.m. No description was given due to it being dark.

On Aug. 10 a female reported that on Aug. 3 that she had a suspicious encounter while she was running on County Road 14. She said as she approached her vehicle after the run, she saw an older maroon sport-utility vehicle pull up behind her car that was parked. The male driver blocked her car in by parking behind it. She approached her car and the male driver put his elbow out the window and stared at her. She was concerned and could not get to the driver’s side so she entered the passenger’s side of the vehicle. The male sat in the vehicle and stared at her for several more minutes before he drove off. He was described as a white male, sandy blond beard, about medium height. She said the vehicle had either Arizona or New Mexico license plates and had gas and water cans on the back with what appeared to be camping gear and clutter in vehicle. She thinks the driver may be camping in the area.